Energy Medicine as practiced at the HHH focuses on the understanding and development of your inner truth reflected in your reality. It provides self-discovery and personal growth, and works to unveil unconscious information for us to understand the driving force behind our emotions and sometimes overwhelming feelings.

Our subconscious mind reflects our essence. Knowing the wisdom of our essence provides profound insights and inner guidance, which helps us to lead a more authentic life.
Carol Nelson is a well-travelled and highly experienced Energy Practitioner who applies an array of different tools and diagnostic methods to tap into the area that needs to be addressed, respecting the patient’s needs at all time. The outcome of her sessions are often unexpected and literally life changing. One can gain a degree of insight and motivation to change patterns that evidently block the harmonious flow of energy. This may help you to achieve the goals you always wanted to and also to find the self you were always searching for.



Creative Therapy is an accurate Jungian based assessment process that uses images, known as mandalas or pictures, forms and colours to reveal the inner truth of what your current reality is- without the Ego filters. You literally will see the contents of your psyche related to your issue, and once you see it, you can change it.


This process helps you to clearly see your unconscious stress patterns so that you can shift your perceptions and create new life supporting chemistry in your body.


This practice brings you back to your peaceful self in order to radiate new life energy. Techniques and tools used in this Methodology are similar in all Energetic Healing practices throughout and include Sound Therapy, Art and Creative Therapy, pattern identification and more.


Through HOME SPACE CLEARING you live in harmony with yourself, others and your home environment. These techniques identify areas in your space/home that stagnate and are problematic, and attempt to clear old stuck energy from your space. Our microenvironment (Cells/ Tissues/Body) is a reflection of our external environment (macrocosmic vs microcosmic), therefore it cannot be emphasised enough how important it is that your whole system (Body/Mind/Soul) are living in an harmonious environment.



As one of the most useful tools to create and achieve mindfulness and body-mind-soul equilibrium, MEDITATION, is practised in multiple ways at HOUSE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH, from simple breathing techniques to complex movement meditations as practised in QI GONG, to chanting practices and HEALING MANDALA, a very peaceful meditation practice.



Everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest particle within our bodies to the planets in our solar system to the billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy, creating patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, intervals and sounds. Acutonics or Sound Therapy utilises those phenomena to reintegrate, balance, create, generate and ultimately to heal, by working on a deeper level of body consciousness.